Thursday, July 31, 2014

Home, Sweet, Uganda

The first plane ride was boring, because we had barely any TV time.  Mommy wanted us to sleep- but I could barely do it.  We got to the London airport and there was a kids place to play in.  And we brought Legos.  The next flight was awesome, because we could watch as much as we wanted. I watched Robots, and The Lego Movie.

When we first got to our house I was so glad to see our dog, Siddeley.  The mangoes are delicious.  So are our homemade popsicles and the pineapples.  -Seth


  1. Seth, we like the Robots movie too. I also had a mango today but I am not good at cutting them so I don't get much. I am glad you are settling in.

    1. We will do a mango cutting demo on the next post!

    2. That sounds good to me. I was just coming back to sign my post, I realized it might not be clear from my post name.

      Jill I. (SUMC)

    3. That was our guess, Miss Jill :)

  2. We are so glad you are home here in Kampala. We love having you here!
    Uncle Jeff and Aunt Christine